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Children are not things to be molded but are people to be unfolded.

Children are not things to be molded but are people to be unfolded.


International Curriculum

IEYC consists of different themes as children use their imagination and curiosity to discover the topic. Naturally, playing turns out to be a learning process where children can maximize their creativity and uniqueness through joyful experiences.

Outdoor Activity

We attach great importance to outdoor activities in early childhood education. Kids love going outside to do gardening, playing with the mud kitchen, or digging up in the sandpit. Sometimes, we go to the park for camping, doing art, PE or just to take a nice walk.

Language Development

All classes are conducted in 100% English, and all four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing are appropriate for each age group.
We also encourage free reading, even for very young children, so they can love and enjoy reading.

Physical Development

A gym full of kid size equipment is a great place for children to develop their gross motor skill and build up some muscles. Apart from that, our water program during summer time helps our kids become more confident and prepared for their swimming lesson when ready.


STEAM is integrated in each unit of the IEYC. However, in order to fortify and expand what children have learnt, we put extra activities in the curriculum. That way, learning stays continuously and our kids will not miss out on any fun, skill and knowledge.

Social Development

Education is not just about knowledge, but also building good human being. Children discover a lot about themselves and interacting with people around them at this time. We teach our kids to share, to listen, to understand, to love, and to care for each other.


Our kindergarten classes are categorized into different ranges to cater each child’s need and meet parent’s expectation. We divide classes based on children’s age, with two programs for parents to chosse from :


A sweet environment where every kid is loved, nurtured, and supported.

BCA offers a play-based program to meets the busy life-style of your toddler. We focus on appropriate developmental outcomes: fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skill, language development, social and emotional development. We practice the “watch, wait, and wonder” approach in our classrooms to understand children’s interests and observe their development. For many of them, it is their first time going to school so we make sure they are exposed to a day that is full of joyful, rich, and well-rounded experiences.

Our children continue to develop as their curiosity grows, BCA provide opportunities for individuality and independence with structured learning time as well as self-selected activities to further language, physical, and cognitive development.

In our K1 Classroom, materials are arranged in the ways that can engage children in variety of activities: quiet and active, social and independent, constructive play and pretend play, etc. The social environment unfolds as the children grow and develop together in the classroom.

Through the daily routines, our teachers build up their relationship with the children, meanwhile bringing up their independence and interdependence. We practice similar approach with the Nursery Class where we “watch, wait, and wonder” in coordination with responsive teaching, give the children space to initiate activities on their own while we observe and minute their development.

Most of the activities in the class are play-based and child-led. Through our regular communication with parents, our teachers understand more about each kid’s interests, strengths and weaknesses, hence develop customized approaches to engage children in all activities.

Our class size is limited at 15 kids which makes the classes more effective since kids will have more time to interact and get more support from our teachers.

In our Pre-K classrooms, the materials and activities evolve throughout the year to adapt to the growing learning interests of our kids. There is a corner with blocks, both hollow and unit, dramatic play with dolls and wooden toy house standing next to a kitchen, a reading corner filled with books that are renewed monthly, an art corner where our children are free to create their masterpiece and lots of other play areas to satisfy those “hungry minds”.

Our curriculum for this age places more importance on math and phonics than for younger ages. The foundation for these subjects is introduced through games and hands-on activities so children will always find it fun and engage well in the lessons. In addition to that, our children will experience project-based learning in more depth. Our kids will be digging through an IEYC unit for weeks with lots of cool things to do in different areas of their learning such as arts and craft, music, reading, science, or even PE. In many activities, children are divided into small groups to learn how to communicate and work well together in a team.  From observations, our teachers develop the learning opportunities for the children to meet a range of developmental needs and skills while also striving to challenge each child.


Joma is providing our school with a fresh, healthy, and nutritious menu. Fresh ingredients are delivered every morning to produce high quality meals. We are working closely with the head chef to ensure the children enjoy the international menu he has created. Joma has a lot of experience with schools as they also manage Concordia International School, Hanoi International School, as well as QSI in Hai Phong


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