Welcome from
the Director

Dear Parents,

It is with great pride and excitement that we have been given the opportunity to be a part in framing your child’s early years education. As parents, we understand how much trust you have put in us, so we do not take this responsibility lightly.

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and altogether make this world a beautiful garden.”      – Anonymous –

We create a learning enviroment that meets each child’s special needs to bring out the bests in everyone, meanwhile allowing them to come together for a cross-cutural experience through interacting with friends and teachers coming from different parts of the world. We respect each child’s personal interests and encourage our kids to explore and learn using their curiosity.

Having an International Curriculum designed to peak the children’s interests with exciting topics in the happy, caring classrooms, we fill our children’s hearts with love and excitement that have them eager to come back to school every morning.

BCA might be your child’s first school but we are not their first teachers. The achievement of our children is built upon the partnership between school and parents. We look forward to create a strong relationship with you based on trust and cooperation to bring our children a well-rounded education with all the support and love they need.

It is our purpose at BCA, for all our team to give your children the best care and education imaginable to help shape their young minds to be ready for the world that is waiting for them out there. You are welcome to contact us or drop by anytime if you have any questions or concerns to discuss.

Why choose British Columbia Academy?

  • Children Come First:
    Whether it is your child’s first day or not, they will feel like school is home once stepping into our front door with great smiles and a warm welcome from our Principal and staff. We dedicate ourselves to create a loving and inspiring learning atmosphere to motivate our children to reach for the stars. We make sure your family will enjoy a great experience during the time you stay with us.

  • The Most Successful and Advanced Curriculum:
    We chose to adopt a world famous Kindergarten Curriculum from the UK and an ESL program developed by an experienced publisher renowned for providing great materials for English centers all over the world.

  • Learning English In A  Fun and Natural Way :
    Small size classes bring more chances for children to interact with their native teachers. Also, being immersed in an English speaking environment all day helps them learn more effectively and naturally. Our classrooms are not like any ordinary classroom where the teacher is the center. Here, children learn in the way they are most comfortable and the teachers are their companions.

  • Safety & Health:
    We do an outstanding job keeping kids safe from major boo-boos and icky germies! We put children’s benefits as the top priority, from maintaining a safe learning and playing environment to providing delicious, healthy meals.

I encourage you to Visit Us page to schedule a tour to experience The British Columbia Academy education for yourself. All of us look forward to welcoming you to campus!

Warmest regards,

Stewart Alexander, McCrone


Our Promise

Our Missions

Enabling our young learners to become global citizens by providing exciting and engaging lessons, numerous modern facilities, and oppertunities to learn through play, all in a safe, healthy, loving, and fun English environment.

Our Vision

To change this world, one child, at a time through love and education. Good Vibes Only!

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Meet Our Team



Nguyễn Thị Thu Trang

Vice Principal

Trương Thị Nga

Marketing Executive

Lee Jeongnam

Admission Officer

Ninh Nhật Phương

Marketing Officer

Nguyễn Thị Hằng

Facilities Coordinator



Class Teacher

  • Nationality : Canada
  • 3 Years Teaching experiences
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Class Teacher

  • Nationality : Taiwanese
  • 5 Years Teaching experiences
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Class Teacher

  • Nationality : South African
  • 5 Years Teaching experiences

Phạm Thị Thúy

Class Teacher

  • Nationality : Vietnamese
  • 3 Years Teaching experiences

Đoàn Thị Khuyên

Assistant Teacher

  • Nationality : Vietnamese
  • 3 Years Teaching experiences

Biện Thị Hằng

Assistant Teacher

  • Nationality : Vietnamese
  • 4 Years Teaching experiences

Trịnh Thanh Hương

Assistant Teacher

  • Nationality : Vietnamese
  • 6 Years Teaching experiences

Our Partners

We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best.

Providing the IEYC curriculum, Fieldworks is an important partner for us. The resources and monthly updates they supply us with, help us to continue to evolve and provide the best international education for our young learners.

Joma Bakery is a great partner to work with. They provide food for big international schools like BIS and Concordia, but still put the same amount of time and effort into ensuring our students have a healthy, balanced menu.

As one of Vietnam leading clothing retailers, BOO actually got their start in designing uniforms. BOO has worked very diligently to provide the perfect, fun design with high quality materials. The kids absolutely love wearing their BOO designed BCA uniforms.

Kids Online is our communication app between parents and the school. This app, developed in Vietnam, is one of the fastest growing school communication apps around. Parents can quickly see pictures of their child during school activities, and send feedback to the school and teachers.

Compass Publishing has developed and produced the Hang Outs series of books we use in out English Language Center courses. Compass uses the Common European Framework of Reference, which standardizes the language ability across every language. The theme-based units and interactive materials make learning more fun for the students and teachers. Classes come to life thanks to Compass Publishing.