British Columbia Academy(BCA) was established in December 2019 with the goal of becoming a prestige educational institution for children in Hanoi, especially in Ha Dong area. Apart from providing children aged from 2-5 an opportunity to experience an international learning environment through a well-known International Kindergarten Program, BCA will be offering Elementary and Secondary students an after-school program with lots of exciting classes in different learning areas.




Our Philosophy

Let Kids Be Kids

Our educational philosophy is to help children shine by their own strengths and differences. Understanding the nature of learning in young kids, our teaching method allows children to learn based on their interests and curiosity which makes our classes effective and always full of laughter.



Our Mission



A safe, healthy, loving, and fun English environment. 
Enabling our young learners to become global citizens by providing exciting and engaging lessons, numerous modern facilities, and oppertunities to learn through play, all in a safe, healthy, loving, and fun English environment.
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