We are honored that you have given us the opportunity to be a part in framing your child’s early years education. We do not take this responsibility lightly. As parents, we understand how much trust you have put in us that we will care for and educate your children.

We have created an environment where children can come to learn, explore, and develop their skills and abilities. Based on the Reggio Emilia approach, the children will learn through their curiosity and personal interests. The International Early Years Curriculum is designed to peak the children’s interests with exciting topics which will have them eager to come back to school every morning.

Although British Columbia Academy might be the first school that your child attends, we are not their first teachers. You, as their parents, have been their first teachers and will continue to teach them with us. We will work together to give them a well-rounded education with all the support and love that they need, through two-way communication. We will share their progress through pictures and written comments from the teachers, while you will update us with their progress they are making at home.

It is our purpose at BCA, for all our team to give your children the best care and education imaginable. You are welcome to contact us or drop by anytime if you have any questions.
Sincerely Yours 

Stew McCrone

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